Truckmeister: fast,
safe and efficient

‘Truckmeister’, an app that helps
truck drivers find their way around
a harbor area quickly and safely.

Case study by Be-Mobile

In April, Be-Mobile launched ‘Truckmeister’,
a smartphone app that helps truck drivers find their way around a harbor area quickly yet in total safety.

Gigantic freight harbor

With a total annual transshipment volume of over 40 million tonnes of freight, the port of Zeebrugge is a major roll-on/roll-off and deep sea container terminal. Moreover, 2.8 million cars are transported via Zeebrugge every year, making this one of the world’s biggest automobile ports. All this freight continues on its journey by truck, naturally creating heavy traffic flows. To process these flows as quickly and efficiently as possible, but also as safely as possible, the port authority invested in the use of the Be-Mobile-app Truckmeister, among other things by making available data platforms.

"A digital app optimizes and facilitates the logistics operation."

Joachim Coens, Managing Director of the port of Zeebrugge

Working more efficiently

“A small country like Belgium lacks the societal support to build more large-scale infrastructure,” says Joachim Coens, Managing Director of the port of Zeebrugge. “So we have to work more efficiently with the infrastructure that we already have. A digital app can help here. It facilitates and optimizes the whole logistics operation. A truck that loses its way in a small village near the harbor… that’s something we want to avoid.”

Best, up-to-date routes

The Truckmeister app gives truck drivers a full view of the harbor and how best to reach it. Each terminal is mapped out so the drivers can easily find their way to their destination. The app suggests the best routes based on up-to-date traffic news and provides the driver with crucial information, such as bridges that are open or shut. Delays, accidents, speed checks and congestion are also reported via the app, as well as height or weight restrictions on some roads.

In addition, the freight dispatchers can send texts, warnings and even advice on which route to take to the trucks via Truckmeister in different languages. Finally, the terminals also receive the ETA of the trucks, which is one of the most important features for harbors and companies. If they are too early or too late and no slot is available, they are automatically directed to a waiting site.

"The Truckmeister app gives truck drivers a full view of the harbor and how best to reach it."

A smart mobility solution

Truckmeister was created by Be-Mobile, a Proximus Accelerator specializing in smart mobility solutions. “Truckmeister ensures drivers a smoother, safer and more comfortable journey. It helps create a more efficient logistics process and reduces the nuisance for local residents,” says Gerd Nees, Director Logistics & Tolling at Be-Mobile. “To work with Truckmeister, drivers don’t even have to take their eyes off the road any longer: every warning is read out loud, not just in Dutch or French, but also in English, German, Russian, Bulgarian, Polish or Hungarian.”

Six advantages of Truckmeister

1. Easy navigation to the right terminal

2. Truck parameters

3. Communication with the dispatcher

4. Real-time traffic information

5. Increased safety and more comfort for the driver

6. Available in various languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Russian, Bulgarian, Polish and Hungarian.